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Who we are

Litang is at the forefront of the world’s leading signal transmission and security solution in the business and industrial markets. Customers across our brands can rely on our products to exceed  and outlast in the most demanding conditions, and they know that we will support them with uncompromising and responsive services no matter what.

Leading the way in end to end signal transmission solutions 

The world is becoming more and more connected and as these connections are built, the development of the Internet of things, seamless connection and 5g has brought new requirements and demand creative thinking. With our unparalleled expertise in wireless infrastructure, rely on us to enhance and migrate your network to make your network perform better than today and prepare for needs of tomorrow.

How we work together

Litang is a fast-growing, results-oriented global company dedicated to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our people are naturally curious, intelligent, analytical, and obsessed with becoming the best. As a team, we offer high-quality end-to-end connectivity services.

Within our business, we use a set of lean day-to-day management practices and processes to manage every aspect of the business to ensure that we focus on the vital priorities,enable continuously improvement and deliver breakthrough  performance.

LiTang has thousands of highly talented, experienced employees who share our passion for network infrastructure and enabling a connected lifestyle.

Why buy from LiTang

Why buy from LiTang

Our customers buy from LiTang because of the performance, quality, competitive price and reliability. People like working with us because our top  priority is to win their trust by creating value and fulfilling our promises. The breadth of our portfolio means that we can provide the best end-to-end solutions in our market. Click here to hear what our customers have to say.

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Why work for LiTang

Why work for LiTang

At LiTang, we believe that your imagination can reimagine tomorrow. We focus on hiring people who are passionate about building better systems for a better world. Our talent is comprised of a range of levels from new professionals who are excited about growth and development opportunities to expert veterans who have been in this industry for years.

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A Commitment to corporate citizenship 

We believe that corporate citizenship is a key component of corporate success in today’s vibrant world. LiTang believes contribute to the community which means we should have a responsibility to give back to society.

LiTang  Brands

LiTang sells its signal transmission products and solutions under the Litang brand name; And also Litang can do OEM for your brand in order to make your brand world famous.

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