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CAT 6A Modular Patch Cords

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10GX Modular Patch Cords are designed based on a patented plug management bar that allows for excellent control of internal plug NEXT. Bonded-Pair design offers very good alien crosstalk performance while maintaining important mechanical characteristics, such as flexibility. With a very small footprint, they are fully compatible with the highest-density hubs that utilize RJ45 jack connections.


Meets and exceeds Category 6A component performance with guaranteed usable bandwidth up to 625 MHz

Maximum return loss (RL) performance under all patching conditions

Superior ruggedness and durability


DescriptionAssembly Part Number Matrix
10GX Modular Patch Cords, UTP, 4-pair, 24 AWG Solid, T568A/B-T568A/B, Riser-CMR
2 ft (0.6m)CA21104002CA21105002CA2110A202CA21108002CA21109002CA21100002
4 ft (1.2m)CA21104004CA21105004CA2110A204C6F01108004CA21109004CA21100004
7 ft (2.1m)CA21104007CA21105007CA2110A207C6F01108007CA21109007CA21100007
10 ft (3.0m)CA21104010CA21105010CA2110A210C6F01108010CA21109010CA21100010
15 ft (4.6m)CA21104015CA21105015CA2110A215C6F01108015CA21109015CA21100015
25 ft (7.6m)CA21104025CA21105025CA2110A225C6F01108025CA21109025CA21100025
xxx ftCA21104xxxCA21105xxxCA21106xxxC6F01108xxxCA21109xxxCA21100xxx
DescriptionAssembly Part Number Matrix
10GX Shielded Modular Patch Cords, F/UTP, 4-pair, 24 AWG Solid, T568A/B–T568A/B, Riser-CMR
2 ft (0.6m)CAF1106002CAF1108002CAF1109002CAF1100002
4 ft (1.2m)CAF1106004CAF01108004CAF1109004CAF1100004
7 ft (2.1m)CAF1106007CAF01108007CAF1109007CAF1100007
10 ft (3.0m)CAF1106010CAF01108010CAF1109010CAF1100010
15 ft (4.6m)CAF1106015CAF01108015CAF1109015CAF1100015
25 ft (7.6m)CAF1106025CAF01108025CAF1109025CAF1100025
xxx ftCAF1106xxxCAF01108xxxCAF1109xxxCAF1100xxx

Use xxx to specify length in feet – 001-100 ft in increments of 1 ft, 105-295 ft in increments of 5 ft. For other configurations please refer to the configurator below. Additional colors and termination styles available; some with minimum order requirements. Please contact us for more information.


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