CAT6+ Traceable Patch Cords

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CAT6+ Traceable Patch Cords

CAT6+ Traceable Patch Cords feature a highly efficient, bright LED with a battery life expectancy of seven years, or 1,000 activations (battery is also replaceable). When activated, the LED blinks for 20 seconds and can be stopped at any time with a second press of the button. The LED and its tracing wires are integrated right into the patch cord, eliminating the need for a separate power source.

Description Assembly Part Number Matrix
Length Yellow Green Blue Gray White Black
Cat6+ Traceable Patch Cords, UTP, 4-Pair, 24AWG Solid, T568A/B-T568A/B, Riser-CMR
2 ft (0.6m) C6T1104002 C6T1105002 C6T1106002 C6T1108002 C6T1109002 C6T1100002
4 ft (1.2m) C6T1104004 C6T1105004 C6T1106004 C6T11108004 C6T1109004 C6T1100004
7 ft (2.1m) C6T1104007 C6T1105007 C6T1106007 C6T11108007 C6T1109007 C6T1100007
10 ft (3.0m) C6T1104010 C6T1105010 C6T1106T10 C6T11108010 C6T1109010 C6T1100010
15 ft (4.6m) C6T1104015 C6T1105015 C6T1106T15 C6T11108015 C6T1109015 C6T1100015
25 ft (7.6m) C6T1104020 C6T1105020 C6T1106020 C6T11108020 C6T1109020 C6T1100020
xxx ft C6T1104xxx C6T1105xxx C6T1106xxx C6T11108xxx C6T1109xxx C6T1100xxx

Use xxx to specify length in feet – 001-100 ft in increments of 1 ft, 105-295 ft in increments of 5 ft. For other configurations please refer to the configurator below. Additional colors and termination styles available; some with minimum order requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Information


1.LiTang Bonded-Pair technology for extra robustness, performance and reliability
2.Barcode tagging on each end of the cord is compatible with DCIM systems
3.100% factory tested and certified