CAT 6A Small Diameter Patch Cords

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Small-Diameter Patch Cords offer a great solution for large data center cross-connects and server enclosures, as well as for enterprise networks installed in crowded telecom rooms. The 28 AWG stranded conductors provide standards-compliant performance when up to 20.7 ft (6.3 m) of patch cord is used in a standard 295 ft (90 m) channel.


Reduces congestion and allows tight bend radius and improve airflow

Easier access for maintenance

Improves overall network administration


DescriptionAssembly Part Number Matrix
Small-Diameter Patch Cord, UTP, 28 AWG Stranded, T568A/B-T568A/B, Riser-CMR
2 ft (0.6m)CAD1104002CAD1105002CAD110AD02CAD1108002CAD1109002CAD1100002
4 ft (1.2m)CAD1104004CAD1105004CAD110AD04CAD01108004CAD1109004CAD1100004
7 ft (2.1m)CAD1104007CAD1105007CAD110AD07CAD01108007CAD1109007CAD1100007
10 ft (3.0m)CAD1104010CAD1105010CAD110AD10CAD01108010CAD1109010CAD1100010
15 ft (4.6m)CAD1104015CAD1105015CAD110AD15CAD01108015CAD1109015CAD1100015
25 ft (7.6m)CAD1104025CAD1105025CAD110AD25CAD01108025CAD1109025CAD1100025
xxx ftCAD1104xxxCAD1105xxxCAD1106xxxCAD01108xxxCAD1109xxxCAD1100xxx

Use xxx to specify length in feet – 001-100 ft in increments of 1 ft, 105-295 ft in increments of 5 ft. For other configurations please refer to the configurator below. Additional colors and termination styles available; some with minimum order requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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1.Reduces congestion and allows tight bend radius and improve airflow
2.Easier access for maintenance
3.Improves overall network administration