Industrial Products

Litang  provides a comprehensive line of industrial cabling, connectivity, and networking equipment which enable customer have the most reliable communication solutions for your application.

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Industrial Cable

Litang offers industrial infrastructure management systems that deliver a holistic view of your signal transmission and its connectivity in real time.

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Industrial Ethernet Cable & Accessories

Data Bus Cable

Multi-Conductor Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

VFD Cable

Flex Cable

Hookup & Lead Wire

Armored Cable

Instrumentation Cable

Power & Control Tray Cable

Portable Cordage

IMSA Traffic Signal Cable


Litang is passionate about building connections for a more intelligent network. We offer the best significant product portfolio for industrial automation and machine building.

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Industrial Connectors

Fieldbus Solutions

Industrial Ethernet

Stainless Steel Product

Valve Connectors

Data Connectors

Connector Configurator

Industrial Networking

Litang provides structural support solutions that deliver stability, durability and precision for the most important networks in the world. Our premium structural support solutions reinforce your structure and optimize antenna performance. As a result, these solutions help you realize significant, long-term OpEx savings.

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Unmanaged Switches

IP65/IP67 Octopus Switches and Routers

Managed Switches

Embedded Ethernet

Fiber Optic Fieldbus Repeaters

Rack Mount Switches

Routers & WAN

Security & Firewalls

Wireless LAN

Secure Remote Access Solutions

Serial Communications

Network Management Software

Media Converters


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