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Data Center Solutions

From the demarcation point in the entrance room, to the cross connect, to the equipment rack — and all the cabling in between — LiTang data center solutions seamlessly integrate functional areas while improving cooling, power and density efficiency.

Why Choose LiTang?

In Litang, we know what we need to design, deploy, and maintain modern data centers. But we also understand that sometimes you have to work with what you get. That's why we offer a lot of powerful and cost-effective copper and fiber infrastructure solutions that work seamlessly with your infrastructure, but can be easily moved to a higher speed in the future. Because today's enterprise data centers are typically a complex, intertwined solution network, we offer a number of intelligent solutions that help you manage and optimize your network and its connections:

1. A flexible high-speed migration platform
2. Best -in-class optical fiber and copper-connected
3. comprehensive automated infrastructure management solution
4. end-to-end structured cabling solution for easy-to-install Fibre Channel

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