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A LiTang smart building can improve and grow your business, enhance security, reduce operating costs, and adapt to changes with ease.

How A Smart Building Works

Structured cabling is a standard method for managing and utilizing enterprise-built connections to facilitate movement, addition, and change on the network without unnecessary outages or interruptions. It is also an intelligent, easy to manage network infrastructure, supporting sensor-driven technology, Wi-Fi, cloud computing and other applications. The structured cabling system (SCS) includes all cables, wires and related equipment necessary to provide services from the network interface to the information socket at the workplace, or any communication equipment within the customer's premise. The system provides a structured, systematic way of doing things, and establishes standards for deploying cables in buildings, including cross-connection and exit terminals. Structured cabling systems usually serve one or a group of buildings. Structured cabling has developed into an ultra-high speed and complex network architecture that supports today's intelligent buildings, campuses and data centers. However, our tasks remain the same: to help our customers meet their bandwidth needs; to simplify the planning, design and construction of complex networks; and to stay ahead of their technical needs. By properly designing and deploying structured cabling, customers can implement an application-independent network in a standardized way and extend it according to their needs.

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