Automotive - Increase Reliability at Every Stage of the Process

The competitive nature of the Automotive industry shows no signs of abating. Flexibility and dependability on white-body, paint shop, engine production and final assembly lines, which keep running without costly downtime, are keys to efficient and profitable operations.

Providing clean water and wastewater services to millions is no easy feat.   There are water and wastewater treatment plants serving every community of the developed world.  And for each of them, operational downtime and security breaches are utterly unacceptable.

Litang can help.

Why Choose LiTang?

The key factor in today's diversified and complex production automation world is the maximum system availability of efficient, seamless solutions based on a single source. Litang offers unparalleled flexibility, personality, and future scalability to protect your investment. We provide cable, connection and network solutions to support our comprehensive service and support portfolio. From the first bolt to the final assembly line, Litang 's flexible solution ensures the maximum availability and reliability of highly automated production lines.


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