Food & Beverage

Consumers trust you for food and drinks.

How do you ensure product safety and quality?

In today’s food & beverage industry, communication technology faces a multitude of challenges such as ensuring high availability, safety and security plus maximum flexibility and seamless automation. LiTang understands these unique requirements and provides a broad product portfolio and extensive solution expertise for food and beverage manufacturers, machine builders and automation manufacturers.

You can rely on LiTang to provide seamless and secure solutions keeping your system up and running—even under harsh conditions.

Food production is the basic one in all industries and good efficiency can reduce waste, manage costs, increase yields and maximize the use of costly raw materials. At the same time, food production efficiency won’t work if it comes at the cost of quality.

With a broad, integrated range of products and services, Litang collaborates with food manufacturers and processors worldwide to overcome their largest business hurdles. From optimizing the use of raw materials to streamlining production, we’re experts in helping you innovate – without compromising on taste, safety, nutrition or your bottom line.

Reliable solutions that guarantee the highest performance and productivity even in harsh production environments. Litang can help u with this.

Maintaining Reliability and Uptime of Critical Connected Systems in Industrial Settings

Improve the longevity of the connectivity products in your application.

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