Machine Building

Manufacturers trust your machines to run their business.

How can you build machine infrastructure that guarantees uptime?

In an industry that’s always moving, assuring productivity remains the key priority for manufacturing operations. For industrial applications, that means overcoming such environmental factors as water, chemicals, oil, torsion, vibration, noise, temperature and more.

LiTang works closely with system integrators and customers in the Machine Building industry to provide technology that’s proven to work – no matter the conditions. The result is a customized network communication solution that ensures maximum reliability, availability and security in highly-automated settings.

You can rely on LiTang to help you create a finely tuned signal transmission infrastructure that’s easy to install and configure.

Machine learning is a rapidly developing technology being adopted by machine builders. According to the National Institute of Standards (NIST), machine learning can improve production capacity by up to 20% and lower material consumption rates by 4%. The efficiency of machine building is depend on the structured cabling solutions.

You can rely on Litang to help u build a fluent signal transmission building which can support your construction efficiency.

Maintaining Reliability and Uptime of Critical Connected Systems in Industrial Settings

Improve the longevity of the connectivity products in your application.

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